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Rock River Amateur Radio Club was established in 1952 to bring together local licensed radio amateurs and other interested parties into a single body, the headquarters of which are located in Dixon, Illinois. In 2002 we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary at a dinner meeting, which was attended by several ARRL dignitaries, including Mr. Dick Isley, Director of the Central Division.

Our activities include regular business and social meetings, and we support amateur radio station W9DXN, an open 440 MHz repeater which features IRLP. Interested parties are invited to contact us by regular mail at P. O. Box 283, Dixon IL 61021, or via email at w9dxn@----.---.

RRARC is an independent, non-profit hobby organization, affiliated with the American Radio Relay League and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois.

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RRARC Repeater - W9DXN


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